This policy concerns the Instagram profile with the username @fordperformanceclub and the hashtag #FordPerformanceClub. The idea behind Ford Performance Club's Instagram page is to create more qualitative content than quantitative. 






Minimum requirements

  • The quality should be such that the picture is not blurred or large blocks of pixels are visible.
  • The sender must have taken the photo(s) himself or have permission from the photographer to share them.
    Ford Performance Club cannot be held responsible for this.
  • The submitter is expected to submit as many photos as possible of the same photographer, if applicable.
  • The photo(s) do not contain any watermarks.




Minimum requirements

  • At the moment we only post square videos (read: videos with a 1x1 ratio).
  • Videos with an intro or outro will not be accepted or will be trimmed with permission of the submitter, who in turn has to ask permission of the creator of the video, if applicable.
  • The videos do not contain any watermarks.
  • The submitter must have taken the video(s) him/herself or have permission from the person who made the recording or editing to share them. Ford Performance Club cannot be held liable for this.






Wanneer Ford Performance Club een post plaatst is zij vrij om te kiezen wat in de omschrijving hiervan komt, dit verbiedt de inzender niet om suggesties te geven.

De hashtags worden ook op het moment van publicatie gekozen ten behoeve van de prestaties van het bericht.

Ford Performance Club post zowel ingezonden content (zie artikel 2) als content die zij vindt op Instagram en zij ‘repost’ (lees: herpublicatie van een bericht van eender welke Instagram-pagina op de pagina van Ford Performance Club). Daarnaast worden ook foto’s gebruikt die door Ford Europe & Ford Motor Company ter beschikking worden gesteld.






In case of a post Ford Performance Club considers giving the right credits as very important. It therefore makes all existing means available to do this in a correct way.


Owners of Ford cars of which their car is visible on the content, they will be mentioned as follows: "OWNER: @username" or "OWNERS: @username1 @username2 ... ".


When it concerns a photo, the photographer will be mentioned as follows: "PHOTO: @username". Photos that are not taken by a photographer, that do not have their own Instagram page, or that are unknown to the photographer, will entitle Ford Performance Club not to add an additional mention to the message.


The same rules apply to videographers or creators of videos. If they are entitled to do so according to article 4, they will be mentioned in this way: "VIDEO: @username".






Accounts tagging @fordperformanceclub in their posts will be thanked in the following ways:

  • Priority when submitting content.
  • These posts are tagged by @fordperformanceclub.






Since the hashtag #FordPerformanceClub on Instagram refers directly to our organization, they find it important to interact with its users. However, Ford Performance Club is not responsible for all of this since it is impossible to claim a hashtag or attract it in any other official way.


The use of the hashtags is rewarded in the same way as the tags (see article 5).






Comments to Ford Performance Club messages may be removed if they violate the guidelines in Article 8. If a person whose account is tagged in the relevant post is not set up with a third party comment to the post, Ford Performance Club cannot be obligated to remove that comment.






Tags (see article 5) and comments (see article 7) can be removed because they violate the boundaries of freedom of expression or because they are irrelevant, offensive or directed against the Ford brand. If it contains remarks against the Ford Performance Club organization, they will also be removed and Ford Performance Club will contact the respective account to see how we can better serve them or solve their problem.






Lucas Segers
Administrator and owner of the Instagram account.



Policy drawn up on and valid from the 15th of March 2020.