Ford Performance Club aims to unite all enthusiastic Ford fans, both those who are passionate about new Fords and those who are passionate about classic Fords. People like us, who are passionate about the Ford brand.

The goal is not to be the biggest club, but to be the best club. With the best meetings and the best events, where you can get to know other Ford fans in a relaxed atmosphere.

But the Ford Performance Club is also directly involved in motorsport. On the one hand by promoting pilots who are active with a Ford and on the other hand by organising competitions such as the Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Trophy and the Mustang Trophy.

Are you a Ford fan? Do you like motor racing? Then the Ford Performance Club is for you!

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Henry Ford

Ford Performance Club is active as a club across Belgium and Luxembourg.

On our site and social media we want to offer an added value to Ford fans all over the world.